Smooth Developments can help with your branding and all of your design needs.


Starting a new company or looking to refresh your current brand?
Our designer can provide you with a full range of design services including:

  • identify programs
  • brand strategy
  • logos
  • business cards
  • brochures
  • annual reports

Smooth Developments can help create a Responsive Design for your website so your customers can enjoy your website on all of their devices.

Responsive Design (Website Design)

Customers these days, expect your website to be easy to use, simple to find and accessible on all of their devices (including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and larger computer monitors). Responsive Design is a design approach used to create a website which provides an easy and optimal viewing experience for the user, regardless of what device they are viewing it on. Responsive Websites generally work using a term called ‘breakpoints’ which reflects the various screen dimensions of devices used to view the website. These breakpoints are used to re-shuffle the content of the website to work within the available dimensions of the device. As with any digital product, we would recommend including:

  • Prototyping
  • User Interface Design (UI Design)
  • User Expereience Design (UX Design)
  • Application Design

Smooth Developments can help you bring your mobile applications to life with Prototyping, UI Design, UX Design and Application Design

Mobile Application Design

Mobile Applications for IOS (Apple) and Android (Google) have become extremely popular over the last few years.

  • Prototyping
  • User Interface Design (UI Design)
  • User Expereience Design (UX Design)
  • Application Design


Prototyping is the creation of an early or simplified version of an intended solution or application. Prototypes are generally used to demonstrate

User Interface Design (UI Design)

User Interface Design (also known as UID or UI Design) is the design of a website or application with the focus on the user’s experience and interaction

User Experience Design (UX Design)

User Experience Design (also known as UXD or UX Design) is the process of enhancing the customer satisfaction by improving the usability and ease of use of a website or application.