Email Marketing

Smooth Developments can help you setup and manage your email marketing campaigns

Email Marketing

Keep your customers up to date with regular email marketing campaigns.

Once setup, our email marketing systems allow you to manage and track the success of your own campaigns.
Our Email Marketing Package includes:

  • Initial setup of your email marketing system
  • Custom mobile responsive email template
  • Email marketing training

Don’t want to manage your email marketing campaign yourself? No problem. We can manage your full email marketing campaign on your behalf.

Smooth Developments can help you integrate your 3rd Party Email Marketing / CRM solutions

3rd Party Email Marketing / CRM Integration

Already have a preferred email marketing system that you’d like integrated with your website or mobile application?

No problems. We have already integrated a number of email marketing systems including:

  • MailChimp
  • Vision6
  • Salesforce

… just to name a few. Not in the list? Why not contact us and ask if its possible?