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Smooth Developments can help you choose the right hosting solution for your website and virtual cloud based needs.

Website Hosting
Once your website is developed there is nothing worse than having it sit on a slow or unreliable hosting environment. We partner with a variety of hosting providers who offer a wide variety of services ranging from cost effective shared servers to dedicated servers. Need something with a little more grunt, let us know and we can put you in contact with one of your infrastructure partners.

Smooth Developments can help you register and manage your domains.

Domain Registration and Management
Registering a new domain name, but not sure how or where you should do it? Tired of receiving confusing domain renewal notices from suppliers who have nothing to do with your actual domain? Looking to centralize your existing domains with one supplier that will manage the renewal process for you?

Smooth Developments can help you setup and manage your DNS services.

DNS Management
DNS stands for Domain Name System whose main purpose is to translate your domain name (such as into a server address (where your website is hosted). Most people don’t realize just how important DNS is to their business until their DNS fails and their website and email go down.

Smooth Developments can help you move your email into the cloud.

Email Hosting
Email has become one of the most critical forms of communication in business today. With the adoption rate of mobile technology (mobile phone / tablets) in business, its becoming more and more important to be able to send and receive emails from more than just your laptop or computer. Cloud based email services allow you to centrally store your emails in the cloud and access them from multiple devices (so long as you have internet access)

Smooth Developments can help you setup your business to leverage the benefits of Google Apps.

Google Apps
Google Apps is a suite of cloud-based tools which enables your team collaborate and share a variety of resources easily

  • Emails
  • Contacts
  • Messaging
  • Calendars
  • Document Sharing

Smooth Developments can help you choose and setup the right SSL Certificate for your needs.



SSL Certificates
SSL Certificates are installed on your hosting server to allow secure connections between your web server and the customers browser.
Any website or application that handles confidential information (such as payment information or customer information) should be handled behind an SSL connection. This is usually indicated by a small padlock on the browser (near the website address) and the address beginning with https://
There are a number of SSL Certificates available for single use (i.e. or multiple use (also known as wildcard – i.e. *. – where * could be any number of subdomains).